April 11, 2007

Definitions Of Grammar

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:30 am by gcuelt

Muhammad Shakir Roll No. 110 

Grammar is a tool or a set of rules by which we can  make numberless sentences by a limited number of words of that language. Grammar can be prescriptive or descriptive.



  1. gcuelt said,

    Well, it is a good attempt. More details can be attached to it by mentioning the levels on which it generally operates (morphology and syntax), and its relations with Semantics i.e. meaning and Phonology i.e. sounds. Any way it’s nice seeing the post.

  2. Muhammad Shakir Aziz said,

    Sir Thanks for encouraging. This was just a rough idea I think it will become more clear as my recognization with basic concepts would be in creased.
    Muhammad Shakir Roll NO. 110 ELT

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