April 12, 2007

Definition of Grammar.

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Sonia Zahoor. Roll no. 108.

A normative or prescriptive device in which the grammatical structure of a language is studied in such a way that the classes of words, their inflections, their syntax and their functions and relations in the sentence are made clear. It also involves morphologic, synctactic and semantic rules implicit in a language and generate all sentences possible in that language. It also includes the study of pronunciation of words, their meanings and linguistic history.



  1. Muhammad Shakir Aziz said,

    Much detailed definition. I was thinking a 2 or 3 line definition is much. Anyhow much better one.
    Nice work.
    Muhammad Shakir Roll No. 110 ELT

  2. salma said,

    very boaring defetion

  3. ASMI said,

    un related def.aik hi cheez ko rpeat kiya hoa hai.and very deficult for students to understand
    grammar is a structure of sentences that is used to improve our language
    pharar pharar k grammar nai aai or na he ham sir rashad ban sakay or na sir asim

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