June 11, 2007

Surprize (Paper ELT Mid Term Obj. & Subj.)

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G. C. University Faisalabad

Mid-Term Examination

Diploma in ELT (Evening) (First Semester)

Paper: Advance English Grammars Max. Marks: 16


Time Allowed: 30 Min.

Question No. 1 Choose the most appropriate options.

1. When non-count and plural count nouns have generic reference, they are used with …………..

a) definite article b) indefinite article c) zero article d) none of these

2. ‘Scissors’ is an example of …………….

a) summation plural b) pluralia tantum c) mutation d) zero plural

3. …………. signals either completion or continuation of the process indicated by the verb in English.

a) Tense b) Aspect c) Mood d) Voice

4. ‘He disliked sleeping in the day time.’ The finite verb in the sentence is ………..

a) transitive b) Intransitive c) ditransitive d) none of these

5. When a Complement comes after an intransitive verb, it is called………..

a) subjective complement b) objective complement c) infinitive d) participle

6. ‘The man appears pleased.’ In this sentence the complement is a ……………

a) participle b)infinitive c) subjunctive d) none of these

7. ‘Take care of your health.’ The mood of this sentence is …………

a) Indicative b) Imperative c) Subjunctive d) None of these

8. Which sequence of adjectives would you prefer before a noun head?

a) epithet, size, shape, age, colour, origin, b) epithet, shape, size, age, colour, origin, c) epithet, size, colour, shape, age, origin, d) epithet, size, colour, origin, shape, age,

9. Pick the Stative Adjective from following.

a) naughty b) noisy c) rude d) tall

10. ‘Utter fool’ is an example of …………….

a) attributive only b) predicatively only c) central adjective d) none of these

11. Adjective that characterizes the referent of the noun directly is termed ……….

a) limiter b) contingent c) inherent d) non-inherent

12. ………..have general heightening effect.

a) Amplifiers b) emphasizers c) limiters d) denominal

13. ‘Criminal law’ is an example of ……………

a) predicative only b) limiter adjective c) denominal d) related to adverbials

14. ‘Had better’ and ‘tend to’ are often called …….

a) modal verbs b) primary auxiliaries c) semi auxiliaries d) none of these

15. ‘Arrive, die, fall, land, leave’ are examples of ……………

a) activity verbs b) verbs of body movement c) momentary verbs d) transitional event verbs

16. Pick the statement which is being represented by the figure below.



a) I wrote my letter of 16 June 1972 with a special pen.

b) I have written with a special pen since 1972.

c) I wrote with a special pen from 1969 to 1972.

d) I was writing poetry with a special pen.


G. C. University Faisalabad

Mid-Term Examination

Diploma in ELT (Evening) (First Semester)

Paper: Advance English Grammars

Max. Marks: 24

Time Allowed: 1:00 hour

               Question No. 2

 a) Write a comprehensive note on pre-modifiers of Noun Phrase in English.

b) Find out Noun Phrases and Verb Phrases from the sentences given below; and give a description of them.  (12+12)

1) My earliest memory of theatre is going to the Elite Theatre.

2) The girl who spoke to him is my best friend.

3) Shahzad Qaiser has made a strange and morphologically difficult world the subject of study in his writings.

4) Very few writers would have realized this phenomenon.

5) He had been offended on the same issue yesterday.

6) Political confrontation in Pakistan is acquiring a dangerous turn.


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